Are you into Ghost Hunting? How about UFOs?

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It's always been hard to catch a ghost on camera until now.

Time to see the unseen!

Ghost Pro may have cracked the paranormal code.

By using a Light and Motion detection video filter combined with frame by frame analysis, you can see a whole new world using your webcam, tablet, Android or iPhone. Ghost Pro's fantastic technology lets you see and analyze hidden light patterns in greater detail.

Try it on your phone, capture your own evidence, and decide for yourself. Ghost Pro is advanced camera image technology. It's not a toy or game. Ghost Pro allows the user to digitally capture ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal events in their surrounding environment. Similar in nature to a thermal camera, Ghost Pro captures small unseen light changes and amplifies the change so the user can see and analyze their paranormal surroundings in a new way.

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The overwhelming evidence speaks for itself.

Try out the Free Web Cam link below if you want to see ghosts in your home using your Web Camera or Windows tablet.

This is real. Please use it responsibly. To use the Free link you will need a web cam, windows PC, and the Google Chrome browser to work.

email: if you have questions



Free WEB Cam Tool!

requires Google Chrome browser,
Web Cam, and a Windows PC.


iPhone users

Download the Ghost Pro App!


Step by Step Instructions for Ghost Pro VR

1. Pick a good location with a dark background.
2. Place your high powered flash light on the floor or ground, facing up. Turn It on.
3. Set up your Tri-Pod about 8ft. away, Attach iPhone. Start the Ghost Pro VR app.
4. Point the iPhone camera primarily towards the light. Zoom in if needed.
5. Suggest pressing timestamp to turn it on.
6. Drag the timestamp and communication output to the top or bottom of the screen.
7. Suggest turning on the iPhone light if you have one.
8. Suggest leaving the other settings alone.
9. High Pass and Exposure are preset to the recommended 880 and 200 setting
10. Press the (Rec) record Hit (Record Screen) if prompted.
11. iPad users will need to start the built in screen recorder. (Google it)
12. Stand near the light that you placed on the floor.
13. Wave at the camera, above the light, so the iPhone will focus on your hand.
14. Get your fine water mist sprayer ready.
15. Ask politely for a spirit to show on camera.
16. Say something like “Please stand in the light and mist so I can take your picture.”
17. Spray the mist upwards above the light if possible for 10 to 20 seconds.
18. Walk back to the iPhone and tap the screen, Press (Save).
19. The saved video will go into Edit Mode. Suggest not editing. Don’t press cancel.
20. Press (Save) in the upper right corner to finish and save video to Camera Roll.
21. iPad is different with the built in screen recorder. Press the red icon and save.
22. Close the Ghost Pro VR app.
23. Find your video in the camera roll to inspect it for ghosts,
24. Lock the rotation on the iPhone so you can inspect the video upside down
and sideways if necessary.
25. If the video is too dark,we recommend increasing the exposure
via an app called Chromic. or use more light if possible when recording.
26. Press [Play] then [Pause] on the video to start inspecting it.
27. While the video is paused, scrub through it by dragging your finger on the timeline.
28. Slowly go through the amplified video and search for ghosts.
29. Stop on any interesting video frames. The timestamp is useful as a marker.
30. Take a screen shot of your screen if you get any good photographic evidence.
Zoom in if needed and share on social media.


Android Users

Search for " Phantasmic Ghost "

free Android version

The free Android version does not record the output into video. You will need to record your screen so you can review the video for evidence. We recommend an Android App called "AZ Screen Recorder" to do this.

download it here:


Two items you should use when using Ghost Pro VR

Fine Mist Sprayer

Mist up the location.
Use the fine mister to help capture hard to see patterns from the paranormal.
Fill with water and it is ready to go.


High Power Light

Use an intersecting high powered light to help your mist shine better.
Having multiple lights will help increase the size of your search area.

If you ghost hunt during the day, the Sun works great as a light source.


Reflective Semi Transparent Anti Static Film. 24"x24"

Coming Soon!



Our book is now available! Pocket Future Living the Dream.
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