Are you into Ghost Hunting? How about UFOs?

It's always been hard to catch a ghost on camera until now. Time to see the unseen! Ghost Pro has cracked the paranormal code. By using a simple bandpass filter combined with stop photography, you can see a whole new world using your webcam, tablet, or camera phone. Ghost Pro's fantastic technology lets you see and analyze very transparent light patterns in greater detail.

Try our award winning tablet, capture your own evidence, and decide for yourself. Ghost Pro is advanced camera image technology. It is not a toy or game. The Ghost Pro tablet is a device that allows the user to digitally capture ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal events in their surrounding environment. Similar in nature to a thermal camera, Ghost Pro captures small unseen light changes and amplifies the change so the user can see and analyze their paranormal surroundings in a new way.

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The Ghost Pro Tablet is ready to go out of the box. The tablets are tested and charged before shipping to insure customer satisfaction. The overwhelming evidence speaks for itself.

Try out the Free Web Cam link below if you want to see ghosts in your home using your Web Camera or Windows tablet. This is real. Please use it responsibly. To use the Free link you will need a web cam, windows PC, and the Google Chrome browser to work.

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Ghost Pro Ghost Hunting Tablet

Free WEB Cam Tool!

requires Google Chrome browser,
Web Cam, and a Windows PC.


iPhone users can use Safari browser.

with this link:

Ghost Pro Android App

works with Android 5+ tablets & phones.



Search for " Haunted Travelers "
for a free Android version




Ghost Pro PDF Instructions: Click Here!



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